Sunday, August 13, 2006


VIVIAN aka Star Eyes (chief editor of XLR8R) talks about the role of the magazine and its impacts on the promotion of dubstep as a musical genre. The September issue of XLR8R is dedicated to DUBSTEP and will feature a long article by our friend KID KAMELEON. The interview - my second video conversation with Vivian - took place in a cool place in Berlin: the PLATOON, a swimming pool club for creative people and hipsters, built with containers. The weather was great, and the GRIMETIME crew was just chilling. Thanks to Sasha, Heidi, Christian and Frede. Talking to you soon Vivian, about the October issue...

"ABSURD.. SMILE." DJ ABSURD from Paris and myself coming from Copenhagen had decided to meet in Berlin for 24 hours. Our hosts - the GRIMETIME crew (Heidi and Christian)- invited us at their radio podcast with a special guest: our local bass terrorist, the man himself DJ MAXXIMUS. We had lots of fun that day. You can listen to the show ( and see if ABSURD finally learned to smile or not.

SKREAM's first DVD interview. We were in the lobby of Park Inn hotel in Berlin Alexander Platz. He played the night before at Panorama - the biggest gay techno temple in town. The enthusiasm of dubstep heads in the room (N-Type, Dj Maxximus, Pete from Hard Wax and the GRIMESTEP Intl. crew) infected the rest of the people. It all ended with a standing ovation for the Boy Wonder himself - Skream. Only 19 years old, but still the proud of a whole sonic movement.

Copenhagen Massive


DJ 2000F aka OBEAH, at Moremax studio (Copenhagen), talking about dubstep, grime, artists playing at his oHoi nights and some of his current projects. The guy is the Don of the BASS BUSINESS in Denmark. Lots of thanks to him for allowing GRIMESTEP INTERNATIONAL to bring you exclusive footage of him, the True Tiger crew and Maveric mashing up the place for a couple of days.

As Obeah, he's the producer of Copenhagen Massive - a tune you'll find on the DVD. Skream, N-Type and other dubstep heads like Nuno from Conspira assured me they loved it. You can listen to the track on 2000F's myspace page.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


After 6 months of hard work, we have finally started promoting the very first GrimeStep International DVD. Thanks to Leo, we are now reachable on Our friends and partners in Berlin - the Grimetime Crew, DJ Maxximus, and Leo - were the first people to send comments. Berlin rocks, man. And the first new friend who got in the game is a guy named Frosty, also from Berlin. We are being asked to upload some of our videos. Before doing that, we first need to start editing the footage.

Jacky (aka Waxyjack) went to Paris to do just that. She'll be working on a trailer that should be ready very soon. I wrote the first draft of the trailer script and will send it to the team (Jacky and DJ Absurd) after publishing this post. I'm so glad Jacky has joined our International Brigade. She's a very dynamic smart chick from California who spent the last 8 years in NY and the last 6 months around the world, from Australia to Sri Lanka, from Brazil (where she accompanied Diplo) to Berlin (where we first met), and from Munich to Paris, etc. She loves Baile funk, will get soon into Kuduro, and is eager to visit Africa with us. She majored in Linguistics and Cinema, spent 3 years at MTV and 2 years promoting Lunatarium. Ready to evangelize the "bass heads" in NY, she'll fly back next week to Brooklyn (where" girls are the sexiest", according to Shadetek-produced Brooklyn Anthem). Looking forward to it. Stay tuned, she might post soon. Her motto is becoming legendary:
"Grabbed they proton packs off their back and they split"